A quick start guide of building CMS by HUGO

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Things about build static side using HUGO and its awesome themes.

Mar 20, 2020 1:00 PM — 2:00 PM
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Agenda of this tech talk:

  • Introduction of Hugo It is the fastest static site generators and lots of built in rich features. More info. There are a lot of famous sites are generated by Hugo including but not limited to Linode Docs, Let’s Encrypt and 1Password Support.
  • Project Folder Structure A brief description of how a normal Hugo project looks like.
  • Content Management In this tech talk, demo will be done using Markdown.
  • Template Template is the html layout user defined for Hugo to generate the page and site.
  • Shortcodes Probably the most useful features we are going to use and also introduce a customize one.
  • Themes We don’t need to build everything from scratch. Hugo allows you to import theme developed by other genius.
  • Deploy Where are those public files? Deploy options recommended by hugo
  • Academic Theme This is the most powerful theme I found so far and almost cover every feature you want for a blog. more
Marco Huang
Yet Another Engineer
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